Lead Engineer

Lead Engineer:

The Lead Engineer leads a team of Engineers and Technicians to oversee the smooth and efficient running of port equipment, and has oversight over each phase of maintenance. He/She establishes systems and practices to encourage workflow improvements to enhance the organization’s productivity.

Our hard working employee and head of engineers who working 24/7 in the development of bitgains structure

  • Developing new products or improving existing ones through research and development
  • Working with other departments within the company such as marketing or human resources to ensure that all departments are working towards the same goals
  • Managing projects from start to finish by setting deadlines and ensuring that teams are meeting those deadlines
  • Developing and implementing safety procedures for all employees on the job site
  • Planning, designing, and overseeing construction projects using engineering principles and methods of analysis
  • Maintaining relationships with clients to ensure that they are satisfied with the progress of the project
  • Overseeing maintenance of the company’s facilities, equipment, and vehicles
  • Conducting market research to identify opportunities for new products or services that will meet customer needs
  • Identifying problems in existing products or processes and proposing solutions

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