You can register on our website and choose any mining plan to get started.

First transfer in USDT to your Bitgain USDT wallet and then choose a mining plan to start earning daily income.

Contact our customer service on the bottom right of our website or help center in our APP. Customer service will guide you to reload.

Conversion orders and Withdrawal Orders fees will be determined from time to time.

Yes, you may still proceed to register without an invitation or referral code. Traders may leave the referral code blank and still proceed to successfully create an account on Bitgain.

Note: Once you have registered an account, the Bitgain team is unable to add or remove any referral codes tied to your account. So, therefore, if you are referred to Bitgain by another Bitgain user or affiliate, please ensure that their referral code is correctly keyed in at the point of your account registration.

Yes, you can do so by registering via email. Please rest assured that an email registration also has full access to all features and functionalities on our platform, including deposit and withdrawal requests.

Using a QR scanner, please scan the QR code located at the download page of our website www.bitgain.money (Download APP)

Ensure that your registered email address does not have the same password as your Bitgain account.

  1. Only use the official Bitgain Web-based platform or Bitgain Mobile APP when mining and funding and any exchange respectively.
  2. Ensure that your devices are connected to a stable and reliable fibre network connection.
  3. Avoid opening too many browser tabs when using Bitgain web- based platform
  4. Always refresh your page before beginning any activities
  5. Our seasoned usesrs recommend the use of Google Chrome or Firefox browser (with minimal extensions) to get the best experience on Bitgain.

The latest Bitgain offers and specials can be found inside our Bitgain Telegram Group and Offers and Specials page at https://www.bitgain.money/#/invite.

  1. Clear your SMS inbox. A full SMS inbox will result in a failure to receive any other SMS messages
  2. Restart your phone and ensure that your telco signal is of acceptable and reliable quality. A poor network signal may result in not receiving any SMS.
  3. Check your smartphone’s security program/app to determine if it is unknowingly blocking out these messages in the background. Users may want to temporarily disable such programs/apps when submitting the withdrawal request.
  4. Contact your telco to determine if your mobile plan has been stopped / suspended / blocked for any particular reasons resulting in failure to receive any new SMS
  5. Swap your SIM card into another slot (dual-sim smartphones) or insert your SIM card into another smartphone and try again.
  6. Contact live chat support if you are still unable to receive it.

There are certain technical limitations to the chatroom. Please refer to the following:
Share record function frequency limit: 3 times/5 minutes
Character limit: 200 characters/message
Message frequency limit: 10 times/30 seconds per user

Users cannot remove or change the registered email address from their account.