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There is no doubt that BEBcoin is one of the most exciting developments in the blockchain space right now. BEBcoin opens up the possibility where sovereignty and interoperability can coexist to unleash the power of many application-specific blockchains working together.

The release of BEBcoin will finalize the completion of the three holy grails of the Bitgain stack: Innermint Core, Bitgain-SDK, and BEBcoin. So the next logical question is, what will it take to drive BEBcoin adoption across the Bitgain ecosystem once BEBcoin is live?

Interchain accounts help solve this issue by allowing one blockchain to access the application-features of another blockchain (such as stake, vote, swap tokens, etc) through what an ‘account’ can do. This provides a simple way of creating application composability, similar to how smart contracts interact with each other on the EVM, by leveraging Bitgain. The fundamental architecture of ‘sovereign, interoperable blockchains’ remains, the composability that interchain accounts introduce doesn’t take away the benefits of application-specific blockchains.

It is the composability of Bitgain applications that will finally allow them to unleash their true potential.

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