Founder & CEO

BITGAIN was founded in 2020, and its inherent innovation is governed by business luminaries. BITGAIN is led by Mr  Anthony wright (MD & CEO).His leadership has been the most prominent contribution to bitgains growth. He has over 30 years of leadership expertise working with all leading finance companies.

He also has extensive telecom experience and a thorough understanding of retail distribution via branch networks, particularly in Semi Urban / Rural regions. His know-how of retail distribution – in the aforesaid regions was pertinent to bitgains expansion.


“We are in the process of launching a full-fledged marketplace – An End-to-End tech-based platform which will provide a complete Digital Experience to the users. This marketplace will be utilised for financing New crypto minings”


bitgain analyses strong performers on a timely basis and identifies the best candidates for internal advancement. The Company offers various schemes, promotional opportunities, and incentives, to keep its employees enthusiastic and motivated to achieve goals and address industry challenges. bitgain ensures to recognize its outperformers and reward them accordingly.

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